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Advantages of GST Registration for an Indian Online Business

Online Legal India LogoBy Online Legal India Published On 15 Dec 2020 Updated On 31 Dec 2021 Category GST

GST regulation implemented under the Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, states that business personnel or entity associated with an online business, must register and pay GST, no matter how less the turnover is.

Even if an e-commerce trader brings in INR 1 lakh, GSTIN must be generated online. In addition, online traders are required to file monthly returns and pay taxes on all qualified sales. Registering an online business under the GST system would lead to simplicity and positive outcomes as well. 

Apart from the tax filing, the online traders in India get benefited from the Goods and Service Tax, GST from various aspects. 

Advantages of GST for online businesses:

  • Great Opportunity for Interstate Sales: The new tax structure has replaced all the confusing interstate taxes with a single tax. With GST, an online trader can easily sell goods and services in his own state and in other states.
  • Competition with Online Markets: The GST regime is really beneficial to online traders in terms of competition. They can easily sell their products either through the direct-sales method or through any acclaimed e-commerce platform.
  • Better scope of Tax Credits: While running an e-commerce business, you can avail of the input tax credit in order to reduce your tax payments. ITC can be claimed for any product or business by any company if GST registration is done.
  • Larger Exposure for Small/Medium Online merchants:  This new GST structure has opened a new window of opportunity for the online traders and they can reach out to every corner of the country with their products.
  • Transparency in Business Policy: Being registered in the Governmental taxation system means a business is conducted by entirely following the rules and regulations framed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of the Indian Govt.
  • Simplifies the Audit process: Being registered and regularly filing the GST Returns actually simplifies the financial calculation and the audit process of the organization. 
  • Govt. Recognition: When an online business registers itself under the Govt. GST portal, it gets the Govt. acknowledgment that helps in the business in a greater scenario.

To make sure you’re keeping the right records and paying taxes correctly, it’s important to understand how the GST affects your online business in a good way and also, get a GSTIN for your online business.

Although India’s new GST system is designed to make taxes simpler, the rules are slightly more complicated for online traders.

Easy GST Solution for Online Business

Online Legal India is a one-stop solution that helps you register for GSTIN, file the GST Returns, and manage everything about the Govt. taxation process.

The expert team provides complete support and helps your online business step higher. Apart from the GST Registration, you will get recommended professional aids in Company Registration, EPF Registration, Trademark Registration, and any other business solutions for your online entity. 

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