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Types of sale deed

Points of difference Agreement of sale Sale deed
Sale deed It implies the future transfer of the property It signifies an immediate transfer of the property titles
Risk involved Risk/liabilities remain with the seller until the property is transferred in future Risk is immediately transferred to the new buyer
Contract It is an executory contract. An executory agreement is one which has not been fully implemented It is an executed contract
Violation Breach of sale may result in a suit for damages Sale breach results in a legal complaint as well as monetary compensation for damages
Registration It is not mandatory to register agreement of sale. However, norms may differ across States It is mandatory to register a sale deed

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Our Popular Services

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What is a Sale Deed?

A sale deed is a document via which a seller transfers the rights and interest of a property to the buyer. As a result, the buyer obtains the ownership of the property. A sale deed includes the following details:

  • Name and address of the buyer and seller
  • Detailed description of the property
  • Total payment to be made, mode of payment, date when the payment is to be made
  • Date of handing over of property documents
  • Other terms and conditions of the sale

Who pays the stamp duty and registration charges? Buyer or Seller?

What are the advantages of a Sale Deed?

Why is the Sale deed required?

Can a Sale Deed be cancelled?

What if a sale deed is not registered?

Can I get a home loan if the original sale deed is missing?

Can anyone apply for a copy of the sale deed?

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